Referral Program

Join our referral programs and earn gift cards and cash for every new enrolment.

General Referral Program 

Do you know anyone interested in studying Fitness?

Talk to them about us, and if they are interested, all you have to do is visit our landing page and fill the form, including what type of reward would you prefer.

Partner Referral Program

This is a referral program exclusive to partners such as gyms, fitness companies, and fitness professionals.

If you know of someone that is interested in studying fitness, and you recommend Fit Education as their training organization, you will earn $200 for every new enrolment coming through you. Please, click the button below to visit the landing page and fill the partner’s form. 

Coach / Mentor Referral Program

Fit Education’s Coach/Mentor program was created for the benefit of both gyms and students, giving new students access to a qualified role-model to assist in the supervision and observation of practical assessment activities. In turn, the professional PT and/or gym owner receives an opportunity to train up a knowledgeable and job-ready future employee.

If you are a Gym owner or a Personal Trainer and know someone that wants to study Fitness, and you are willing to help the new student and supervise their practical assessments, you can earn up to $400 for every new enrolment that you send to us.

Access to a qualified and experienced support team

Professional Development Days

Practical workshops and course coaching

Side by side coaching, delivery support and lesson planning

RPL offered for upskilling and qualification

Fill in the form below to register your interest with a Cert III and IV in FItness with Fit Education

Partner Case: Study Diploma of Sport and learn basketball with The Brian Kerle Academy