Registration as a Student or Fitness Professional – What you need to know.

Registration for Students studying their group fitness and personal training certification

It is recommended to join a registered body whilst you are studying. AusActive offers a student registration, including insurance, while you are completing your studies. The memberships also includes access to research articles and resources, along with connections to future employers. It’s free to join.

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Registration for Graduates and Fitness Professionals

Once you have completed your qualification, you have options regarding registering as a fitness professional. There are three main governing bodies: AusActiveFitrec and Physical Activity Australia.

Registration allows you to work as a registered fitness professional, and attain the associated insurances.

There are requirements from each registered body for you to maintain your registration. These usually involve expanding your knowledge and education, with continuing education courses (CEC’s). Fit Education offers a Short Course in Nutrition (2 CEC points); Online Trainer Short Course; and ASCA Level 1 Articulation (15 CEC points). Dundee Boxing and Fitness offers Level 1 and 2 Boxing for Fitness Certificates.

Are you taking your qualifications abroad? Different countries have their own criteria for registration, so it is a good idea to contact overseas employers, or the Australian registered bodies for advice.

The International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals (ICREPs) is an international partnership between registration bodies around the world, that register exercise professionals. Check out their website at to see where your qualification can take you.

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