Core Training

Because the spine is so mobile and capable of many movements there is no universal exercise that equally stresses all of the muscles that surround the spine to create the desired stiffness needed in life and when lifting weights. In order to create a well rounded training program that builds sufficient core stability through multiple plains of motion and movement patterns, ideally training should fall into 4 broad categories: push , pull, carry and anti-rotation.

Push: When performing any pushing, brace the core and maintain tension, then perform the movement. Just like trying to jump from the ground, setting the core creates sufficient power into the propulsion movement.

Pull: Stiffen the core and don’t let the spine move as you pull something towards yourself.

Carry: The suitcase carry challenges the core in the frontal plane (the weight will try to pull the lifter from side to side), an area often underutilised by many who always push and pull in a vertical manner.

Anti-rotation: This provides a unique test for many who rarely encounter twisting forces during normal training / life.

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