Ab Roller


The abdominal roll-out is the primary exercise performed with an ab roller (a form of anti-extension core training). As the body rolls forward, the core works to prevent the back from arching, while flexing the spine to both stretch and contract the abs through a full range of motion. This movement works the rectus abdominus (the six-pack muscle), as well as deep spinal stabilizers, such as the transverse abdominus. This makes the ab roller a great tool for a stronger, more muscular core.

Rollouts train the abs to prevent the body going into extension. The concept is similar to a Plank, but Rollouts are much more difficult. Many consider Ab Rollouts to provide a better abdominal workout than traditional flexion exercises because of this fact. Read more here.


Kneel on a towel or pad and grasp the ab wheel handles. Flex the glutes and abs. Keeping the back straight, lean forward and roll the wheel forward until the arms are overhead and torso is nearly parallel to the floor. Roll the wheel back toward the knees to return to the starting position.

Muscles Trained 


  • External Core Muscles
  • Internal Core Muscles


  • Hip Flexors
  • Deltoids
  • Latissimus Dorsi
  • Triceps Brachii

Common Errors

One common error which is seen with this ab roller exercise is the hips staying up in the air and not going all the way to the ground, thereby reducing the full range of motion. Another common mistake is arching the back. This typically means that the client is using the back (erector spinae) muscles rather than the abdominal muscles to brace.


  • Swiss ball Rollout
  • Standing Ab Wheel Rollout- To make this exercise even harder,  try performing it off your toes.
  • Weighted Barbell Rollout
  • Single Arm db Rollout

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