Study Tips and Tricks To Study During COVID-19.

Study Tips: Here are 4 tips to help you study during COVID-19.

1) Prioritise your study

Try prioritising sections of the course that are more conducive to online learning. Here are our course specific recommendations:

Certificate II in Sport and Recreation

  • Theory Questions
  • Module 4: WHS and Emergencies

Certificate III in Fitness

  • Theory Questions
  • Module 2: Anatomy and Physiology
  • Module 3: Health Screening and Orientation
  • Module 4: Healthy Eating

Certificate IV in Fitness

  • Module 0: Short Answer Questions
  • Module 4: Business

Diploma of Sport

  • Module 1: Ethics and Integrity
  • Module 3: Sport Development
  • Module 4: Sport Leadership

Diploma of Fitness

  • Module 2: Fitness Centre Management
  • Module 4: Business and Marketing
  • Module 5: Health Promotion

2) Practical Assessments

All practical assessments can be “simulated”. Students can video practical assessments from home / outdoor spaces and submit them online for marking.

Stay up to date with the latest gym/fitness guidelines by visiting The Fitness Australia Website. Remember it is free to join Fitness Australia as a student.

Athletic woman blogger in sportswear shoots video on camera as she does exercises at home in the living room. Sport and recreation concept. Healthy lifestyle.

3) Download

Try downloading documents from the library for reference. The internet can be slower with everyone trying to access it at once. Reading off the downloaded documents can make study quicker.

You can also download the Cloud Assess App on an i-pad and study offline if required. When reconnected it will update the live account.

4) Be Efficient

Be efficient with your time while studying online. Check out these tips on efficient studying here.


Check out our COVID-19 FAQS here.