Will Fit Education Remain Open During COVID-19?

Yes, at Fit Education, we acknowledge current events and want to let all our students and friends know that we are operating as per normal.  If you have any questions about your study or would like course information, please do not hesitate to get in touch – we are all available to help:

Our Courses are available 100% online.

Can I Complete My Fitness Qualification During COVID-19

Yes, Fit Education courses are available 100% online. Assessments are broken into Theory, Logbook and Practical sections and can all be completed online. The practical can be completed by instructing in a simulated environment (home / backyard / skype).

Can I Complete My Practical Assessments When Gyms are Closed?

Great news. Fit Education courses are 100% online and all assessments can be “simulated”. This means you can video your practical assessments while at home and submit them online for marking.

Can I Extend My Course?

Course extensions are available as normal. Please email to organise your course extension.

How Can I Complete My First Aid Course, So I Can Progress Into My Certificate IV in Fitness?

First Aid and CPR Courses can still be completed. Compression’s are completed as per normal, however breathes are to be mimicked. Manikins obviously have hygiene requirements and social distancing needs to be followed.

If you are having difficulty completing your First Aid and CPR contact your Fit Education trainer. Consideration will be given to progress into your Certificate IV in Fitness Course without this unit being completed. You will need to complete the First Aid Certificate before we can issue your Certificate III and IV in Fitness.

Can I Still Use A Coach / Mentor To Provide Practical Feedback?

Yes coach / mentors can continue to provide feedback via the online system. Obviously, they need to follow current government guidelines of social distancing, hygiene and gym closures. They can provide this feedback online and in simulated environments.

Is Government Funding For Courses Still Available During COVID-19?

Yes, government funding for courses is still available. Discuss the eligibility requirements with a careers adviser now at

I Am Having Trouble Phoning Fit Education. What Should I Do?

There is unprecedented phone traffic to all 1300 numbers at present, and as a result there is a chance the phone line may drop out. If this is the case please email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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