Periodisation – The Make Up Of An In Season Week

Periodisation – The Makeup of a Normal Training Week – Leeds Carnegie – Professional Rugby Team
  • Post match recovery and injury assessment
  • Second recovery session and injury update
  • First lifting session and light training / individual video analysis
  • Conditioning  of both fit and injured players
  • Skill sessions / team runs / video sessions
  • More recovery / days off / physio sessions
  • Final preparation – periodisation
  • Match

Week 33 – Competition

Week 34 – Competition

Week 35 – Competition

Periodisation – Performance Criteria In Season

  • Maintain /improve physical KPI’s
  • Eliminate any physical weaknesses
  • Maintain / promote physical adaptations including all relevant fitness components. Keep the plates spinning
  • Regular assessment / testing as non-invasive as possible
  • Assess wellness if possible

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Planning a Season and Periodisation are  covered in the Diploma of Sport.